11:11 AM

ZooAmerica Welcomes Three Adorable Canada Lynx Kittens

First successful litter of Canada lynx born at ZooAmerica

ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park, an 11-acre walk-through Zoo in Hershey, Pa., has welcomed three new additions to the Canada lynx family. Three kittens were born to Wren (7) and Woody (15) on April 17. Their genders have not been identified yet, so they do not currently have names.

This is the first successful litter of Canada lynx born at ZooAmerica in the 17 years that lynx have been captivating the hearts of Zoo guests in The Sweetest Place On Earth. Woody and Wren are a recommended pair for breeding by the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s Canada Lynx Species Survival Plan, which oversees the population management of select species.

About Canada Lynx

Canada lynx are found in the high elevations and mountainous regions of the northern United States and Canada. They have many unique physical features, including their big paws that act as snowshoes so they can easily walk on top of the snow in the wild. They also have short tails, just like bobcats, to help balance when they climb.

At this time, Wren and the kittens have a sectioned area of the habitat and the den area in the Northlands region of ZooAmerica to explore. Once the kittens are bigger, they will play and climb within the entire lynx habitat.

The kittens will nurse for 4-6 months but have recently started to nibble on some meat. In the wild, Canada lynx prey mostly on snowshoe hares.

ZooAmerica Reopens to the Public on June 22

As ZooAmerica prepares to welcome the public back starting June 22, we know how excited guests will be to see the kittens in their habitat. However, the team cannot guarantee the kittens will be visible, as they retreat to their den often and spend a lot of time sleeping. Updates on their progress and growth will be posted to the ZooAmerica Facebook page.