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ZooAmerica is Magical in Winter

16lynxsnowZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park in Hershey is open daily year-round and many staff and guests say they prefer a winter zoo visit to one in the summer. I agree with that!

I love living in Pennsylvania because I enjoy experiencing all four seasons, including winter. On a crisp winter day, one of my favorite outdoor spots is ZooAmerica. The animals who make their home outdoors are more active, like people, in the colder temperatures. Summer months and hot temperatures seem to make both animals and humans a bit lazy and slow.
I spoke with Zoo staff about any special needs or activity that occurs as the temperatures drop.
During the winter months, the staff feeds certain animals a bit more: cats, martens and river otters are in this group. The bears slow down during winter so they are not given additional feed.
Extra bedding, including straw and pine shavings, is added to the outdoor exhibits. The Harris hawks and thick-billed parrots have a heat lamp added to their area, in the event they feel the need to warm up.
On a daily basis, the Staff checks all the water bowls as access to fresh water is very important. This happens all year long.
Several North American states and Canada experience winters that are more extreme than we experience in Pennsylvania; animals native to those areas are used to much harsher climates.
The Zoo also has indoor exhibits in The Great Southwest and Southern Swamps buildings where you can see a gila monster, ocelot, alligator, crocodile and many other North American animals who live in the warmer climates of the continent.
If you haven’t experienced the Zoo in winter, I hope you will consider 2016 as your year to make that visit. You can discover more about ZooAmerica at www.ZooAmerica.com. I follow the Zoo on Facebook and love the photos and facts that are shared on that page.