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ZooAmerica 40th Anniversary!

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ZooAmerica holds a special place in my heart, as some of my earliest young memories are of visiting this zoo with my parents and grandparents. I was recently chatting with my best friend from childhood and she reminded me of how we visited there for school field trips and Girl Scout outings too. ZooAmerica and I almost even share a birthday: it was born in 1978, I was born a year later. That 1978 birthday also means that this year is a very special one for the zoo–it’s 40th anniversary!

What is ZooAmerica?

ZooAmerica® North American Wildlife Park is a home for more than 200 animals native to the continent of North America. Located on 11 acres of landscape featuring native plants and landscaping in Hershey, PA. Adjacent to Hersheypark, it’s the also perfect spot to capture a sensory break from the thrills and delights of the amusement park and pairs so very well with Hersheypark’s Accessibility Program. Learn more about ZooAmerica’s mission and history HERE.

Top 5 reasons you want to visit ZooAmerica with your kids:

  1. It is so very, very doable with young ones. While there is enough intrigue for visitors of any age, I find this zoo unique in how amenable it is for the youngesters. ZooAmerica isn’t overwhelming in size, and has a low-key vibe. It’s also packed with shady spots and places to sit, rest and take a break to fuel up or regroup.
  2. ZooAmerica is wholly dedicated to conservation it is the kind of place you want to support. They currently have NINE different conservation programs underway, including a raised garden bed project in partnership with Milton Hershey School. Check out their Conservation page to read more about their commitment to protect, promote, and encourage the conservation of wildlife, natural resources, and habitats.
  3. Zoo admission is included in your Hersheypark ticket and makes for the PERFECT break in the midst of a high-energy day, as we discussed. You can always buy tickets solely for visiting the zoo, but how convenient and budget-friendly to pop over during your Hersheypark visit!

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