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You Don’t Want To Miss A BEET at Farmers Market In Hershey

Check Out This Month’s Featured Farmers!

July, the official start of everything LOCAL! The 4th of July marked the start of sweet corn season, followed by cucumbers, summer squash, peppers, eggplant, peaches, cantaloupes and so much more! If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, then what better way to get all of these wonderful summer favorites than right on the Lawn of the Cocoa Beanery at the Farmers Market In Hershey.

Let’s meet a few of the farmers and artisans that bring all of these products right to the community. This month’s featured farmers include Little Peace Farm and Sunny Side Farm. Also featured are Boom Crafted Pickles and Moon Rise Candle Company.

Little Peace Farm is a small family farm located just outside of Schuylkill Haven, PA. They offer a wide variety of chemical-free, sustainably grown produce, herbs and fresh cut flowers. Although they are not certified organic they use chemical-free practices. They believe healthy food starts from healthy soil.

Little Peace Farm offers a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. They offer a variety of different share options which include spinach, tomatoes, basil, squash, cauliflower, and fresh cut lettuce. You can visit Little Peace Farm at their main farm location just outside of Schuylkill Haven, The Pottsville Farmers Market or visit them every Thursday at the Farmers Market In Hershey!

Shining their way into the second featured farmer spot is Sunny Side Farm. Sunny Side Farm is run by Dru Peters and her husband Homer Walden in Dover, PA. They specialize in organic chicken, pork, beef, turkey, veggies and farm fresh chicken eggs.

Sunny Side Farm has a very unique way of growing and harvesting their products using mobile pens. They first used the mobile pens for their chickens. This allows the chickens to consume fresh grass everyday which creates a healthier chicken with an immense amount of flavor. After experimenting with the idea of mobile pens they decided to try the same concept with pork, beef and turkey. Their technique to farming was so successful Dru mentioned that, “this is the cutting edge of low tech farming.”

Sunny Side farm also has a unique approach to growing their veggies. They use a system of covering and uncovering the soil to stop weeds from growing. This way they eliminate the use of any pesticides. Stop by their farm in Dover, PA, Hershey Founder’s Park, Center City and Mount Vernon Triangle in DC, or right here at the Farmers Market In Hershey to purchase a variety of fresh products!

The Farmers Market In Hershey also specializes in artisan goods and freshly made products. Stop by and try products from both Moon Rise Candle Company and Boom Crafted Pickles

Moon Rise Candle Company is based out of Hershey, PA. Paul Zemaitis and his son Alexander started the company. Paul wanted to encourage his son to start his own business so they both found something they were passionate about, and it took off! In February 2016 they started the Moon Rise Candle Company.

They offer a soy based candle in 6 different scents. Producing small batches allows them to give personal attention to each hand crafted candle. This father son duo enjoys each of the different aspects of their candle company. Paul enjoys creating different scents as well as pouring the candles. Alexander creates the labels for the candles as well as managing all social platforms.

Moon Rise Candle Company creates all natural products that they sell at the Harrisburg Flea Market, Makers Market in Lancaster, York Flea Market, their online store, Market on Chocolate in Downtown Hershey and right here at Farmers Market In Hershey!

Exploding into the last featured spot is BOOM Crafted Pickles. Scott and Michelle Handley first started their pickled products company when they realized they had to many veggies in their garden. They thought the only way to use all these veggies was to pickle them. After all their friends and family raved about them they knew they had something tasty and delicious. Since then they extended their product line and now sell 13 different pickled veggie options.

All products are always made with fresh veggies and no preservatives. The ultimate goal is to make eating a BOOM Crafted Pickle a full experience in itself! Scott truly believes in BUYING LOCAL AND SUPPORTING SMALL BUSINESSES! So stop by the many stores, restaurants and retail locations that offer their products including Karns, Pronio’s Market, Mount Gretna Brewery, The Mill in Hershey, Farmers Market In Hershey and many more!

After stopping to the farmers market and purchasing all of the fresh goodies, grab a bite to eat inside Cocoa Beanery and celebrate their 10th anniversary or stay and enjoy a night of live music and freshly grilled food at Live On The Lawn. The Beanery offers breakfast, lunch and snack items. Stop in on your way to work and grab one of their healthy and delicious breakfast paninis or freshly baked oatmeal. Visit during lunch and enjoy a variety of sandwiches and wraps including a Grilled Chicken Club or a Cali Turkey Panini or if you’re just looking for a quick snack on the go they have fresh baked croissants or fresh cut fruit and yogurt.

So “romaine” calm and enjoy the seasons fresh fruits and veggies on Thursdays from 2:30 until 6:30 p.m. on the lawn of the Cocoa Beanery at the Farmers Market In Hershey before they are gone!