12:46 PM

Winter Maintenance Throughout Hersheypark

Behind-the-Scenes Look at Off-Season Park Prep

Off-season? More like BUSY season for our maintenance team at Hersheypark

With so many rides and attractions inside the Park and only three months we're not operating, our experienced on-site maintenance team is hard at work during the winter season. Hersheypark employs more than 200 full-time maintenance staff, including but not limited to electricians, mechanics, welders, carpenters and painters who work behind-the-scenes through the winter to ensure that all guests who visit the amusement park each year have a sweet and safe experience. The team uses this time to disassemble, inspect, repaint, and reassemble the attractions in the Park so each ride is ready for an entire year of Hersheypark fun.

Here's your chance to see what goes on not only inside the Hersheypark maintenance shop but also inside the Park during the winter. Take a look at what our incredible maintenance team works on during the off-season. 

Last month, we shared an inside look at the maintenance that goes into our iconic family flume ride, Coal Cracker. All of our rides, including family attractions, go through routine maintenance and Coal Cracker is gearing up to turn 50 in June. Over the last few years we shared stories on SkyrushCandymonium and Great Bear off-season maintenance and how these incredible rides prepare for the year

The Hersheypark maintenance team takes great pride in the critical role they play in keeping guests safe and #HersheyparkHappy all year long. We hope you enjoyed this look at some behind-the-scenes maintenance activities happening this winter.

We'll see you April 1st for the start of the 2023 operating season!