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Why Performers Love Working At Hersheypark

It’s the sweetest job there is! Performers at Hersheypark love what they do, and for good reason. These entertainers get to do what they are passionate about every single day. They get the chance to make jaw-dropping music, learn from other performers and engage with a warm cast atmosphere.

The enthusiasm for this job starts with a rare opportunity – performers can interact with their audience. Character Quiz Show for example allows audience participation, and offers a chance for kids to win candy. The Hersheypark Band gets to perform astounding music as they interact with visitors.

Even the Ed-ZOO-cation show gets to interact with their audience, despite performing on a more traditional stage. Performers LOVE meeting with visitors, and Hersheypark provides a unique platform to do this.

Hersheypark also provides a one-of-a-kind learning experience, especially for college students. After all, if you are a musician, actor or actress, why should the learning stop during the summer? Performing at Hersheypark is the ultimate summer job because students are paid to learn from some of the most accomplished performers in the industry. Students have the opportunity to learn from their peers and mentor other individuals in the future.

The most rewarding aspect of the job though is the energetic work environment. Performers in every show rave about the fun, supportive and constructive environment. Matthew Woodson is a performer in the Hersheypark Band, and he returns to this job every summer. He said, “I love playing in the Park because in addition to being paid to do what I love, I get to work with a great group and meet new people every day.”

Other performers echo that the atmosphere is very family-like. Throughout the summer, Hersheypark performers participate in various bonding activities. The entertainment team even has their own prom, which is designed to help performers meet people from other shows. Meeting people provides a real sense of comfort, especially for performers that live outside of Pennsylvania.

It is clear that performers love working here during the summer, but don’t just take our word for it. See what these performers had to say about working at Hersheypark!

“It’s amazing because you can totally make a kid’s day or make someone really excited. Every day I have the chance to make someone happy with what I do.” – Andrea Readshaw from Character Quiz Show

“This is my second summer and fifth ensemble here, and I’ve really grown from my experience. This is a great stepping stone for moving up to higher levels of performance.” – Nolee Morris from Cocoa Rhythm Factory

“You can have fun on a daily basis… I get paid to sing and do what I love.” – Niklas Olson from Choc-a-Fellas

“This was my first taste of this profession, and when I came, I was just amazed how everyone is like a big family.” – Lynzee Laychock from Dance, Dance, Dance: Heartbeat

“It’s an incredible learning experience. You are just surrounded by talented performers and it is a great way to work on overall stage presence.” Sean Gallagher, Soda Pops