12:46 PM

What's new at Hershey's Chocolate World Attraction

Top 5 sweet new reasons to visit

Just in case milkshakes and other chocolate-y treats weren’t enough reason to visit HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD Attraction, here are five new ones!

Adventure 5 Attraction Bundle

Create Your Own Candy Bar, 4D Chocolate Movie, and Hershey Trolley Works have re-opened, and along with them, a brand-new Adventure Bundle that combines all three attractions and provides big savings! View details.

Curbside Pick-Up

Call to order your favorites, and staff will bring them out to your car! View catalog for a wide range of items, from candy, toys and games to world-famous milkshakes and bakery treats.

Hershey’s Candyland

A sweet HERSHEY'S twist on a classic family board game! (Because who won’t love crossing a JOLLY RANCHER bridge with a s’mores character?!) This new version is available exclusively at Chocolate World locations, and now online too!

New Candies & Treats

It’s the best when Chocolate World introduces new treats like Flavors of the World HERSHEY’S KISSES (hello Café Moka, Hazelnut, Strawberry and more!) And it’s even sweeter when the latest candies inspire other new menu items like the limited-edition KIT KAT Apple Pie Milkshake and HERSHEY’S Red, White & Blue Cookies ‘n’ Creme S’more! View menu.

Candy-Inspired Souvenirs

But wait – the candies inspire fun keepsakes too! Check out the new JOLLY RANCHER squishy cups and watermelon candles, vintage-inspired HERSHEY’S bucket hats and water bottles and matching REESE’S shirts for the whole family. Nom, nom, nom. 😉

For the latest on visiting Chocolate World and related safety guidelines, visit HersheysChocolateWorld.com.