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Are you wondering what’s new at Hersheypark for the 2019 summer season? I’ve got you covered from new rides to new food items and even a new game! It’s a great time for a road trip to Hershey, PA to experience this family-friendly amusement park for yourself!

As a Sweetest Families partner with Hersheypark, I’m excited to share all of the new attractions you’ll get to experience at Hersheypark this summer!

Hershey chocolate bar height requirement statue with construction behind it


The first thing you’ll notice is that the entrance to Hersheypark is getting a complete face lift in preparation for the opening of Chocolatetown in 2020! I’ve been going to Hersheypark for 40 years and this is the 1st time I remember a renovation of this scale, so it’s pretty big news around here!

The parking lot tram will still drop you off in tram circle in front of Chocolate World. However, the height measurement characters have moved spots so they are immediately to your left upon exiting the tram! Make sure you don’t miss them before you head towards the entrance.

Hersheypark height requirement characters

Walking into Hersheypark is a pretty obvious route… just follow the temporary fence. Pay attention to some of the mobile offices you’re passing on the way in so you don’t have to do any backtracking.

macadam walkway with construction fences

The best part about the new entrance is how level it is! No more walking downhill and then having to lunge your way up a steep hill. It’s almost completely flat and level all the way through the new ticket gate and beyond.

white ticket tent for Hersheypark


The most-anticipated new ride at Hersheypark is Reese’s Cupfusion! I was lucky enough to be able to ride it at a media preview and had a blast! It’s an All-New Interactive Gaming Ride where you can compete with other riders to see who gets the highest score!

Hersheypark Cupfusion character outside of the new ride

Think Buzz Lightyear at Disney World type ride except this is so much better! Cupfusion has more targets than any other ride in the world and has 6 different ways you can play! Try it this summer and let me know your final score! It’s almost a guarantee you can beat my score (ducking my head…) which only means I have to go back again and try to redeem myself!

Hersheypark cupfusion ride car

Right outside the Cupfusion ride, you’ll see 2 kiddie rides that have gotten a facelift! Mint the Merciless and League of Misfit Candy are ready with brand new names, design themes and more to welcome your kids back.


And because we’re so excited about the new Cupfusion ride, we’ll let that lead us into a new retail shop at Hersheypark too! As you exit Cupfusion, you’ll enter the Agent Supply Gear shop.

Hersheypark souvenir store

The perfect place to pick up gear with the new Cupfusion characters! Treat the winner (or your whole party) to some Cupfusion souvenirs and then head outside for a photo opp with the Cupfusion characters! It’s a great spot for a photo!

Hersheypark Cupfusion character photo spot


As you exit Cupfusion (noticing a trend here??), look over to your slight left (about the 10:00 position if you’ve just left the Agent Supply Gear shop). There’s a new game that you won’t want to miss!

The Commander Cup Factory game is the ONLY game in Hersheypark where you’re guaranteed to be a winner! It’s the perfect game to take young kids to because you know for a quick $2, they will win a prize and go away with a smile on their face! Score one for the parents with that decision!

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