12:38 PM

What To Pack For A Fun-Filled Day at Hersheypark

There are many things to look forward to when planning a day with family and friends at Hersheypark, but packing isn’t one of them. So let us help you!Three parks in one, Hersheypark plus The Boardwalk plus ZooAmerica, means triple the fun! Here’s what you’ll need so you can enjoy each park:

  1. With 110 acres and more than 70 rides at Hersheypark, be sure to wear comfortable clothing and appropriate walking shoes.
  2. With all the walking and ‘riding’ you will do, it is ideal to use a small bag or backpack to carry your phone, keys, wallet and camera.. Should you want to store items during your visit, there are secure lockers available throughout the Park. There are also areas to store items at most rides.
  3. For returning guests, bring your souvenir cup for drink refills. If you’re a first-timer, be sure to grab one before you leave. It’s a great way to save money and stay hydrated at the same time!
  4. Pack a towel, bathing suit and flip flops to enjoy all of the water slides and rides at The Boardwalk At Hersheypark – open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Changing areas are available so you can change clothes during your visit. There are also dryers available if you are in a rush to hop on a coaster after you’re done at The Boardwalk.
  5. Bring sunscreen and reapply throughout your visit to Hersheypark! If you happen to forget the product, we offer complimentary sunscreen stations located throughout the Park.

If you happen to forget something, don’t sweat it. Hersheypark carries many supplies that you may need for your sweet visit in our retail stores.

For more information visit www.hersheypark.com.