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What To Do At Hersheypark’s Christmas Candylane

By Sarah Mock


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What To Do At Hersheypark’s Christmas Candylane

You thought Hersheypark was just open during the summer, right!? Sorry you are wrong! Only only does Hersheypark have spring, summer and fall activities but they have Christmas Candylane in the winter.

Tickets are $19 and free for kids 2 and under. BUT if you have a season pass Christmas Candylane is included in your season pass. Be sure to check out ALL the reasons I love my Hersheypark Season Pass.

5 Roller Coasters Are Open

Even in the chill of winter Hersheypark has rollercoasters open for you! Cocoa Cruiser, sooperdooperLooper, Wildcat, Wild Mouse, and Laff Trakk which as Christmas-themed décor this holiday season!

YES! The actual reindeer that help deliver presents are her at Hersheypark! At least that is what the reindeer wrangler told me when we were discussing the 9 live reindeer in the enclosure. Be sure to chat with the keepers from Zoo America when you visit the reindeer. They have lots of great reindeer information to share with you!

Santa is in the Sweetest Place On Earth and wants to meet you! Find Santa, tell him what is on your wish list this year and take some photos with him.

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