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What makes a Platinum Team?


It takes work and dedication to exceed expectations. Exceeding expectations is what the more than 250 lifeguards at Hersheypark do every day they report to work. That is why this exceptional team earned the Platinum International Aquatic Safety Award from Ellis & Associates, Inc. (E&A).



Recognized as the leader in aquatic safety at waterpark facilities, the E&A Team presented the 2016 Platinum Award, earned by only 10% of E&A clients, to Hersheypark for providing the highest degree of swimmer protection currently available in the aquatic industry.

The Lifeguard Certification from  Ellis & Associates is is a unique, comprehensive lifeguard training program; the content includes Health Care Provider level CPR, AED training, Emergency Oxygen Administration training, and First Aid, along with state-of–the-art rescue techniques. To obtain certification, participants in the program must pass both written and “hands-on” tests.

Clients, like Hersheypark, also receive unannounced audits from E&A. These mandatory audits ensure Lifeguards are at their optimum performance level and their skills are always “test-ready.”

Director of Hersheypark Ride Operations Laura Woodburn oversees the Lifeguard Training Program. Scott Silar, Manager of Aquatics, and Jill Gamble, Area Manager of Aquatics, attend the E&A conferences and train the Hersheypark Lifeguard staff. Both Scott and Jill praise E&A as the front-runner in waterpark safety.

If you are interested in becoming one of the elite Hersheypark Lifeguard Team members, please visit www.Hersheypark.com/jobs. For more information about Hersheypark, visit Hersheypark.com, follow Hersheypark on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Join the conversation using #Hersheypark.