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Water Safety at Hersheypark

Did you know Governor Wolf signed a proclamation supporting May as the Water Safety Month for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania?

Traditionally, Memorial Day Weekend is the time that public pools open in the state. It is also the time that The Boardwalk At Hersheypark opens for the season.

Guest safety is the #1 priority at Hersheypark and the Lifeguard staff is well trained to keep all guests safe as they enjoy the 14 unique water attractions that comprise The Boardwalk.

Currently, there are 21 Certified Lifeguard Instructors, who are certified to train lifeguards; and one Certified Instructor, who is qualified to train the Lifeguard Instructors, on the Hersheypark Team. All Hersheypark Lifeguards are trained and certified through Jeff Ellis & Associates; this group is considered to be the leader in waterpark safety.

Every Hersheypark Lifeguard completes a minimum of four hours of continued in-service education per month to ensure that skills are maintained at a test-ready level and Lifeguard certifications are valid for one year only which ensures that seasonal team members receive updated training every year.



To be certain that Lifeguards are always vigilant, Jeff Ellis & Associates completes random, unannounced, hidden camera audits of the lifeguard staff while they are performing their duties. These audits include the introduction of a mannequin or live action actor in to the Lifeguard’s Zone of Protection to ensure the on-duty lifeguard is maintaining optimum vigilance.

In addition, the training and certification that each Lifeguard receives includes CPR/AED/First Aid for adults, children and infants; all of these are important life skills and can save lives.

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