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Upgraded Summer Fun at the Camping Resort

This post will be edited as the new playground is constructed.

Summer is right around the corner and we’re gearing up to make this summer the best yet! Hersheypark Camping Resort (HPCR) is upgrading the playground located near the barn to better serve its campers and their families. As the snow begins to melt and the team springs into demolition mode, we can’t help but be excited to see campers back at HPCR for the summer season. We can already smell the roasting hot dogs and s’mores!








Above the construction team works on taking down the old playground.




The snow melting has caused a few puddles to form. But not to worry!
It is dry now and ready to put in the brand new equipment!

We know you probably have some questions, here’s what we learned from the team:

Why a new playground in the first place?
We’re replacing the playground to better serve our guests. With the installation of new playground equipment, kid campers will have a fresh new space to laugh and play.

What will the new playground have?
The new playground will feature fun for all of our kid campers! Don’t get stuck at your campsite. Come play in the new pup tent! Feeling adventurous? Swing high on the new tire swing, or courageously take on the climbing wall. Leap over or around the jumping logs and zip down the new slide! There’s plenty of new excitement to go around.

When will the new playground be finished?
The new playground will not be finished for our Springtime In The Park campers, but it will be ready to go at the start of the summer season.

Does that mean there’s nowhere for kids to play?
NO! Although the playground at the barn will be under construction during the weekends of Springtime In The Park, the playground in Pioneer Heights will still be open for kids to enjoy! Both playgrounds will be open for the summer season.

What will happen with the old playground?
Every piece from the old playground will be recycled!

The parts have arrived and we are working diligently to get our newest playground up and running!

Interested in learning more? Keep checking back for updates on our progress…