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Traveling with special needs to Hersheypark

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As I mentioned in my last post about Hershey, I was utterly surprised by how awesome it is. Not only is it a small town full of nice people, but we were given access to some of the movers and shakers in the Park.

Our group interviewed Laura Woodburn, and she knows everything there is to know about the operations at Hershey. Her title is Hospitality Services, and she is in charge of making sure that the rides are safe for all types of riders.

Over 21,000 folks enrolled in their Access Ability Program last year. Past the stroller rental area, (you will find a kiosk? office? person? ) where you will fill out a form called the Ride Accessibility Questionnaire. This link has the information you need. You answer essential safety questions regarding trunk control, grasp, transfer ability, and others. The system compares your responses to the guidelines for each ride. This information generates a boarding pass which lists every ride that is compatible with your needs. Isn't that awesome?

A courteous Hershey employ will give you a yellow wristband. This wristband identifies you for fast track entry (also available to all guests with purchase), security identification for lost children, and entry through the ride's exit. The last item is an option for guests who physically or emotionally can't wait in even the fast track line. Hershey goes the extra mile to ensure you have the access you need to have a safe, fun time.

A total of four guests are allowed with each Access guest, though the Hershey staff assured me that they are flexible with larger parties.

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