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Top 6 Photo Spots While Visiting Christmas In Hershey

Christmas Photo Spots In Hershey

We know the struggle of trying to find that perfect place to take your holiday photo. You have to do something different than last year AND have to top all the photos you receive from family and friends. Well, here is a list full of great spots in Hershey, PA to beat out the competition:

1) Kissmas Tree in Hersheypark Christmas Candylanewww.hersheypark.com

2) Fireplace at Hershey Lodgewww.HersheyLodge.com

3) The grounds of The Hotel Hersheywww.TheHotelHershey.com

4) During the NOEL light show at Hersheypark Christmas Candylane

5) Rudolph's Skating Pond

6) And finally, you can’t forget about a classic photo with Santa!


For more information on all of these locations visit, www.hersheypa.com.

Make sure you share your photos with us on social media and using #HersheyPA.