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Top 5 Rides For Tweens & Teens At Hersheypark


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Hersheypark is not only a sweet place to visit with your family, but it's also a place filled with thrills, and no I don’t mean finding the best parking spot in the lot, although that is exciting too. It’s what you can experience after you walk through the gates, the catalog of coasters Hersheypark has to offer, that fills your whole family with excitement.

In our house, we have a tween and a teen, and the assortment of big and small rides at Hersheypark is perfect for these age groups. With so many options it can be hard to know where to go first. To help you plan for your next visit to The Sweetest Place On Earth, here are my family’s top 5 rides for tweens and teens at Hersheypark.

1.  Jolly Rancher Remix

The newest, and brightest, coaster to grace the Hersheypark skyline, Jolly Rancher Remix is a ride that is a whole experience for your senses. It goes forward and backward on the same track, blasts through a flavor tunnel that smells like Jolly Rancher, and inverts 6 times all while jamming out to a sweet soundtrack. Find Jolly Rancher Remix and its buddy Mix’d in Pioneer Frontier. Seriously, with these colors, you can’t miss it.

What the Tween says: I like when it goes backwards and how it feels looping around. The tunnel is a lot of fun. You have to ride more than once to smell all the smells!

What the Teen says: The way this one starts is crazy fun, pulling you up the hill before releasing you into the loops. And then you do it all again, but backwards! With the different flavor smells and lights and music, it feels like a different ride each time.

2. Fahrenheit

Climb up 121-feet and then prepare for the 97-degree drop! Fahrenheit is guaranteed to get even the quietest coaster rider to let out a scream of joy. After the drop there are corkscrews, loops, and more! This ride is also located in Pioneer Frontier, just listen for the squeals and look for the orange and blue track!

What the Tween says: The drop! It feels so awesome and intense to go up the hill and then bam! You’re dropping so fast!

What the Teen says: This is my favorite ride at Hersheypark! If you look around quickly you can see almost the whole park right before the drop. The loops are crazy fun and big!

3. Candymonium

Candymonium is the tallest, fastest, longest, and sweetest coaster at Hersheypark! This is a must each time we visit Hersheypark, no matter the season. If it’s open, you will find us on it. Find it right inside the gates in Hershey’s Chocolatetown.

Pro Tip: Candymonium is one of the rides open during Sweet Start, so take advantage of that hour early admission and get your ride on!

What the Tween says: The view at the top is pretty but you have to look quick because it goes fast! I think it’s fun to go over the Kisses Fountain and see all the people watching you, I bet they want to ride too!

What the Teen says: It’s like they say, it’s the biggest and fastest coaster in the park which I love. I’m all about the thrill rides and this is a must ride for me and all my friends! Wave to the people at the fountain if you aren’t screaming too much!

4. Great Bear

Tie your laces tight or leave your flip-flops in the bin because Great Bear is about to send you on an adventure. Experience loops, corkscrews, drops, and a zero-g roll all while your feet dangle and your eyes take in some pretty amazing views of Hersheypark. This is the ride we always do after visiting ZooAmerica. Get your roar on with Great Bear in Kissing Tower Hill.

What the Tween says: This one is my favorite at Hersheypark! The loops are smooth and it feels like you’re flying. There is something about having your feet dangle that makes it awesome. Surprise! It makes noises too, love that!

What the Teen says: I like that it is different from other coasters, you aren’t in a “car” but a chair and your feet dangle which feels unique. Plus the colors are pretty, I just like it!

5. sooperdooperLooper

An oldie but a goodie, sooperdooperLooper is the first-ever looping coaster on the East Coast and happens to be the first coaster I ever rode! Less intense than Candymonium or Great Bear, sooperdooperLooper is a great introduction for tweens and teens who have never experienced a big looping coaster. Plus, it is just a whole lot of fun! Find sooperdooperLooper in The Hollow.

What the Tween says: This one is just a lot of fun and not as scary as the other rides. So if you don’t love the big, big coasters this one will be perfect for you.

What the Teen says: The loop is a blast. Definitely my kind of coaster and I can see why my mom likes it a lot. It might be old but it still feels smooth like a newer ride!

Take it from my family, Hersheypark is a pretty sweet place for Tweens and Teens. From classics like the sooperdooperLooper to the new Jolly Rancher Remix and everything in between, it will take more than one visit to experience all the rides they have to offer. Trust me, the best way to enjoy Hersheypark is by becoming a season pass holder. Early park access and flexibility to go whenever you want means you and your kids can get your ride on all year long at The Sweetest Place On Earth