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Top 5 Best Activities at ZooAmerica Creatures Of The Night

Creatures Of The Night at ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park is the perfect event for families to enjoy a non-scary Halloween celebration with the more than 200 animals who make their home in the 11-acre wildlife park. And it's the only time the zoo is open after dark to see the animals in their natural habitat!


Many guests feel that a Halloween at ZooAmerica is a must-visit experience. If you are new to the Zoo or just want to be sure you are capturing all the highlights, here is a list of five things that you will want to discover.

  • Truth or Tale: the animal world is filled with misconceptions and myths. Attend a “Truth or Tale” session and explore and possibly debunk some myths about the creatures who share North America with us.

  • Touch-a-Reptile: reptiles are cold-blooded animals whose body temperature depends on their surroundings. What does a reptile feel like? You can find out at ZooAmerica.

  • Treat stop: NEW this year is stop inside ZooAmerica on the Trick or Treat Trail. Children 12 and younger are encouraged to come in costume and receive a sweet treat.

  • Luminaries: Creatures Of The Night is the only time of the year that ZooAmerica is open after dark. There is minimal lighting in the Zoo and guests can bring flashlights to view the animals’ nocturnal habits. Another source of light are the luminaries created and designed by guests and then placed in the Zoo.

  • Halloween Treats: everyone enjoys a good Halloween treat! So do the animals at the Zoo. Watch black bears, gray wolves and nocturnal animals devour their pumpkin treats.

Creatures Of The Night is included in the one-price admission to Hersheypark In The Dark. Separate admission is also available at the Zoo’s off-street entrance.

For more information on Creatures Of The Night visit:

For more information on Hersheypark In The Dark, also great for families, visit http://www.hersheypark.com/seasons/halloween.php.


INSIDER TIP: Best days to visit are Friday and Sunday!