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Top 3 Reasons to Visit Hershey at Christmas

By Fadra Nally


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We’ve starting doing more and more little family side trips, especially at Christmas. We started a few years ago when we took a totally for-fun, not sponsored, not hosted trip to Philadelphia. We were amazed at how just a little time away from the daily stresses of home life, surrounded by beautiful holiday decorations really got us into the Christmas spirit. This December, I was determined to squeeze in a similar trip to a city well-suited for holiday family travel, Hershey, PA.

When I joined the Sweetest Moms program with Hershey, they offered to host two family trips for us. Our summer trip to Hersheypark was a no-brainer. It’s prime time for theme parks! For our second trip, we were offered a stay at Halloween time for Hersheypark in the Dark or at Christmas time. I knew that Hershey must be magical at Christmas time and our trip this past weekend confirmed it.

If you live within driving distance of Hershey or you’re looking for a family holiday getaway, here are the top 3 reasons to check out a chocolate-covered winter wonderland!

1. The Decorations!

The Hotel Hershey

We were fortunate enough to stay again at The Hotel Hershey, an elegant mediterranean themed hotel commissioned by Milton Hershey himself. Throughout the hotel, you’ll see many influences from his time spent in Cuba, one of his original sugar suppliers.

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