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Tips for Visiting Hersheypark with Grandparents

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Every year, we take a family vacation to Hershey, PA, and for the past several years, my mom and stepdad have been coming along for the adventure. They LOVE the sweetest place on Earth as much as we do; however, their idea of fun can vary a little from ours. Although Hersheypark is a great travel destination for all ages, everyone can enjoy the park in different ways. I have already provided tips on visiting with kids so now I would like to share some tips to make it a successful experience when grandparents come along for the fun!

Hersheypark is open during EVERY season, and each time of year offers a unique experience. Since it is only a 2.5 hour drive from my parent’s house, it is the perfect destination when wanting to travel with the grandparents. We have visited during the winter and summer months with my parents, and they loved each visit. Our many adventures have offered learning experiences for everyone including teaching me ways to make the trip the most enjoyable.

Stay on Property

Hershey, PA offers 3 AMAZING lodging options: The Hotel HersheyHershey Lodge and Hersheypark Camping Resort. Although my family loves all 3, my parents are partial to the camping resort. There is just something so fun about staying in a cabin, eating a home cooked meal and roasting marshmallows on an open fire. It is a wonderful bonding experience!

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