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Our most recent trip to Hershey was to celebrate our oldest turning 12. Our little princess is getting so big, and we wanted to find a way to celebrate her and still have fun as a family. Our kids are in two groups and we needed to plan activities that would make both the older and younger kids happy. It’s been a while since we visited Hershey, so it was perfect to have the opportunity to celebrate her birthday in the sweetest place on earth.

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Hersheypark. I currently serve as a Sweetest Families ambassador. Thanks to the team at Hershey and Melt Spa for sponsoring this trip. Any opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.

On our trip I wanted to find something special to do with my daughter, just the two of us. We live in a house full of boys/men, so I figured it would be nice for us to get some alone time. I’ve been wanting to visit Melt Spa by Hershey since it opened, but we haven’t been able to get it on our list. Luckily we were able to score an appointment on Sunday evening for a classic pedicure for us both. It felt like the perfect way to kick off her birthday weekend.

When we arrived at Melt Spa we were running late, so we quickly filled out some paperwork and headed over to the spa section. Shortly after our technicians arrived and took us to the chair. There were lots of refreshments in the spa for us to enjoy. They had lots of bowls filled with dark chocolate kisses, fruit water, and the most delicious hot chocolate for guests. It was already starting to be an amazing adventure for my daughter and myself.

My little princess enjoyed her pampering session at Melt Spa. She didn’t stop smiling the entire time. Her technician was amazing with engaging with her, asking her questions, and guiding her through the process. She treated her like absolute royalty. This brings me to my first reason why Melt Spa by Hershey is a great choice for a mommy and daughter day.

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The moment we arrived at the spa, even though we were running late, the staff made us feel special. From the start of our process all the way to the end when we left our the door, we felt extra special. Both of technicians were amazing working with us and trying to give us a super special experience in the time frame we had. I was very impressed how well my daughter was pampered even though she’s just a kid. It made the occasion even more memorable for her. Regardless of what treatment you’re getting the team at Melt Spa by Hershey works hard to provide you with an unforgettable experience.


The Melt Spa by Hershey has an array of services for guests. You can book spa and salon services. They even offer special services for teens 13 and older. Services include:

  • Massage Treatments
  • Facial Treatments
  • Body Treatments
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Hair & Make-up
  • Waxing
  • Prenatal Treatments
  • Men’s Spa Treatments
  • Teen Spa Treatments

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