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Things to do in Hershey, PA that aren’t Hersheypark

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When I think of visiting Hershey, PA I immediately think of going to Hersheypark, but I’ve discovered there is so much more to do than visit the park, which is awesome, so here’s a list of things to do in Hershey, PA that aren’t Hersheypark.

Things to do in Hershey, PA that aren't Hersheypark

To start I’ve shared where to stay in Hershey, PA, and these hotels also have some great extras in terms of fun things to do. I recommend you check them out and if you stay at some you’ll get free or discounted admission to some of these things.

The Hershey Story

The Hershey Story and Chocolate Lab

The Hershey Story is a museum that’s shares Milton Hershey’s journey in a fun and interactive way. There’s great artifacts, videos, even his cancelled check from Whitestar Liner for a famous ship he was supposed to board, and ended up not going. It’s interesting for the whole family.

The Chocolate Lab on the 1st floor offers participatory classes the whole family can enjoy. With hands on experiences and interactive demonstrations you’ll walk away with smiles and new facts and skills.

Chocolate from Around the World Tasting

Chocolate from Around the World Tasting at Hershey Story

Another fun thing inside The Hershey Story building is the Chocolate from around the world Tasting. I loved getting to try 6 different types of exotic warm drinking chocolates. There’s also a fun kids warm milk and chocolate stirring lolly for the kids, but I think trying the different types is part of the fun of the family adventure.


ZooAmerica Hershey, PA

Did you know that Hersheypark has a Zoo? That’s right ZooAmerica is a North American Wildlife park and if you’re spending the day at Hersheypark your ticket also includes the zoo. There are some great extra things that you can do at the zoo outside of normal operating hours, like the Early Bird Tour where you get into the zoo before it opens and you get to feed the wolves and more.


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Double tap if trying something new can be scary? Tonight I fed a bear, held a screech owl and pet a baby alligator on the @zooamerica After Hours tour! #hosted #hersheypark #hersheypa #zooamerica @hersheypark #sweetwelcome

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There’s also the After Hours Tour, which I can say 1st hand is incredible, and we got to fee the bears. If you’re a photographer then the Photography Tour may be a good option. Lots of great way to do something special. See all the different special events and prices at ZooAmerica.

Hershey Gardens

Hershey Gardens and Butterfly Atrium

The Hershey Gardens are open year-round and it’s more than just plants, and palm trees. There’s a view of the town of Hershey that’s spectacular and the Butterfly Atrium. This is one of only 25 year-round butterfly atrium in the US. There’s a chrysalis cabinet, and even a cacoa tree. It’s really a spectacular to walk through and see all the different butterflies and plants.

Hershey Trolley Works Tour

Hershey Trolley Works

I suggest you kick off your Hershey, PA trip with a Hershey Trolley Works Tour. This is the best way to learn about the city, Milton Hershey and history of the company while getting to see where everything is and enjoy a few kisses along the way.

What’s great about this tour is it runs year round, and at Halloween and Christmastime they have seasonal tours. I can’t wait to check out a holiday tour!

Hershey’s Chocolate World

When you visit Hershey’s Chocolate World you’re in for a sweet treat. Between the 4D Chocolate Mystery, Create your own Candy Bar, and even hopping in a giant kiss for the Hershey’s Chocolate Tour, you’ll get your fill of fun and chocolate.

Hershey Theatre

Hershey Theatre Fun Facts and Information

Of course there’s also the Hershey Theatre, (which I share some fun facts and more info about) but you can also see some high caliber shows. Hershey Entertainment has even more fun and you’ll want to check out the summer lineup because there’s a lot of great entertainment coming!

Hershey’s Chocolatetown

Hershey Chocolatetown

It’s coming in 2020 and it’s going to be awesome. It’s just outside of Hersheypark, and will give you a view of the Hershey Carrousel and will have dining, shopping and more. They have a whole timeline for sharing exciting things about Chocolatetown so make sure you’re following along.

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