11:26 AM

The Sweetest House in Hershey!

It's a favorite Christmas tradition at Hershey's Chocolate World Attraction - for guests and employees alike - the Hershey's Holiday Chocolate House! After two weeks of laying candy cane flavored bricks and mortar, perfectly placing milk and dark chocolate shingles, and decorating with lollipop lights, the 9th annual masterpiece is complete!

The house stands more than 9 feet tall and covers 48 square feet. It features 15 different types of Hershey's Confectionary Products in each and every minute detail - from Kit Kat siding to a front door painted green by hundreds of teeny, tiny Hershey-ets.

60 employees from The Hershey Company helped create the house, donating their time to a fun mission, but more importantly, a worthy cause. For every hour that is worked on the house - and there were 350 this year - Hershey's Chocolate World donates $8 to Children's Miracle Network. That equates to nearly $3,000 in support of children who need a sweet, but real home away from home during the holidays.

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