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The Hotel Hershey, Circular, Chocolate Lab and More

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I’m here to wrap up the weekend with you, but we had another busy Sunday in Hershey! We started off with a visit + a tour of the Hotel Hershey. 

This world class hotel is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out.

It is a historical landmark and the hotel itself overlooks Hershey, Pa – which is really cool. It has spectacular views of the area on a clear day and the inside is just as breathtaking.

It is inspired by Cuba, which I will share more with you on that later, but the fountain lobby is a really beautiful space to experience.

But before our tour of the hotel, we had to have breakfast at The Circular  – which is a award winning restaurant that was inspired by Milton Hershey’s idea that there should be no bad seat at any restaurant, hence the circular space – no corners!

Our group was able to experience the Sunday brunch, which was a real treat. The food, the service, the atmosphere was top notch!

And did I mention everything was delicious? Because it totally was. Especially the cinnamon buns, seriously – life changing.

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