10:00 AM

The Artist Behind the Specials Board at the Cocoa Beanery

Irene Nesterenko isn’t just a latte artist.

Every month the special boards at the Cocoa Beanery on Research Boulevard change to name the specialty drinks the baristas will be serving up all month long. With those special changes come new works of art that many regular customers come to look forward to. Irene Nesterenko, a supervisor at the café, is the genius behind these creations.

“I first realized I was passionate about art when I didn’t do as well in geometry as I did doodling in my notebook.”

When Irene first started at the Cocoa Beanery she did not know how much she would progress in her role. Now, two years later Irene handles food ordering, menu creating for the café and catering events, as well as the design of the menu boards. She does all this while also serving up lattes and breakfast sandwiches.

“Aside from having the liberty to express my creative side through food and art, the customers are my favorite part of the job”

Want to see more of Irene’s work? Head over to the Cocoa Beanery on Research Boulevard, and if you’re lucky she might just show you some latte art as well!