08:50 AM

Take a Spin on Laff Trakk, the 13th roller coaster at Hersheypark

The wait is finally over! Laff Trakk, the first indoor, spinning glow-coaster in the United States is OPEN at Hersheypark.

And, the reviews are in…

  • “Nothing like I have ever ridden.”
  • “You named it right- I laughed the whole time!”
  • “My wife rode a roller coaster with me for the first time in 20 years…thank you!”
  • “I am so anxious to ride with my daughter. I know it will be a different experience from the other rides we experienced tonight.”

What is Laff Trakk?

A family spinning roller coaster in a dark room with huge day-glow images that are the 21st century versions of classic fun house elements.
Did you know? Hersheypark had a fun house as early as 1930 and there was a fun house in the Park until the 1970’s.

For anyone who has not had the “fun” of going through one of those great American attractions, I would suggest Googling “Laffing Sal.” She is the most famous icon of historic fun houses. In addition to her, think elements like Hall of Mirrors, Fortune Teller, Ring of Fire and Deck of Cards. Then imagine those enlarged to about 20 feet, painted in day-glow and hanging in a dark building. That is the visual that best describes what you will see as you travel on the coaster that is Laff Trakk.
The coaster itself boasts a 50-foot lift hill, 1,400 feet of steel track and reaches speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. This is a great family coaster and each ride really is different. The coaster cars seat four people that ride back-to-back. The cars “spin” on their axis and the amount of spin varies depending upon the weight and size of the riders. The more variation in the size of the riders, the greater the amount of spin.

Due to the ride’s configuration, the cars seem to soar along the tracks ensuring a very smooth ride!

The fun starts even before the ride begins! The queue line is themed giving guests plenty of photo opportunities with distorted mirrors and large cut-outs with carnival lights adorning the ride wait area.

Sound interesting? I hope you will gather your family, come to Hersheypark and take a spin (or two) on Laff Trakk. If you had a chance to ride Laff Trakk, tell us what you think!