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Not Your Typical Internship: Our Summer at HE&R

Introduction - Lindsey Schubert, Communications Intern

This summer, I was lucky enough to intern for Hershey Entertainment & Resorts. My internship allowed me to work on a variety of different projects for the company and as a result, no day was ever the same. I was able to conduct research, write Story Hub posts, curate social content for our brands, take pictures at all of our beautiful resorts and so much more. 

However, the best thing about this internship (minus the chocolate, of course) were the other interns. The 2019 summer internship team consisted of Emily S., Project Management; Emily E., Marketing Promotions; Mackenzie, Creative; Heather, Marketing; and me, Communications. We answered some of your burning questions to give some insight into our summer interning at Hershey Entertainment & Resorts

What is the top reason to choose to work for HE&R? - Emily Eason, Marketing Promotions Intern

An internship with Hershey Entertainment & Resorts will present an unmatchable experience for young aspiring business professionals. With the company’s wide array of brands you will get exposure to any and every industry you could possibly be interested in. Throughout the summer I have seen, been given tours of, or actually worked in each of the company properties, meeting other employees who specialize in their own perspective fields.

The Press Building houses everything from our data and analytics team to our creative team, presenting a “crossing of the minds” work dynamic. On our floor, you get the opportunity to work for an "in-house agency." Although my position is with the marketing team, I also am majoring in communications and I was encouraged to step outside of the tasks specific to my position and take on other opportunities that complimented my strengths - like getting to write content for the Story Hub. 

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Emily and Heather posing with Commander Cup.

What are the best memories from summer? - Emily Stokes, Project Management Intern

Back in May, when the summer internship began, I was extremely nervous to be in an office with four complete strangers. I soon realized these “strangers” are some of the liveliest, wittiest, most intelligent ladies I have ever met and over the next couple of months we quickly became friends. This internship has filled my summer with laughter, friendship, and unforgettable memories. 

My favorite memory from this summer was when we explored Hersheypark and Chocolate World. On our tour throughout the Park, we learned the history behind our 14 roller coasters and The Boardwalk, learned some fun facts about Chocolatetown (the 2020 expansion of Hersheypark) and drank delicious King Size Shakes. Unfortunately, the summer internship is winding down and we will soon have to part ways but I am very grateful for memories that were made.


Lindsey and Emily posing with some beloved Hershey Characters

What is your favorite project you worked on? - Heather Petty, Marketing Intern

Each day this summer I looked forward to coming to work to tackle my full to-do lists of tasks and projects. Whether I was putting together a report of extensive competitive research or helping out with radio broadcasts in the Park, there was never a dull moment. 

My favorite project by far would have to be my final project: an audit of the Hersheypark email strategy complete with suggested improvements and benchmarks from our competitors. After dedicating an entire month on this project, I presented it in a board room in front of the entire marketing team. It was challenging at times, but I’m grateful I was given the platform to work on something that directly contributes to the company’s success. 

This audit would not have been possible without the support of the incredible Hershey Entertainment & Resorts team. From weekly meetings with my supervisor to practice presentations with my fellow interns, everyone on the floor was ready and willing to help me succeed. I’m so proud of everything I accomplished this summer and the newfound experience that I’ll take with me throughout my career. 

As the summer draws to a close and I reflect on my time with the company, I’m so thankful I was given the opportunity to work closely with so many great and talented professionals. I truthfully cannot imagine interning anywhere else.













Heather posing in front of our intern room!

What was your favorite thing about working for HE&R? - Mackenzie Furhman, Creative Intern

This is a difficult question to answer because that means I have to narrow down my list of favorite things about Hershey Entertainment & Resorts. That is nearly impossible. HE&R employees are some of the nicest, smartest, and literal “sweetest” people I have ever had the pleasure to meet and more importantly, work with. Each day, I walk through the door greeted by kindness, encouragement and smiles. Everyone is always willing to help the interns learn and grow their knowledge in whatever it is they want to pursue, and that has been such a positive part of my internship experience.

Second, HE&R has multiple brands within one company, so there is never a chance to get bored! One day you can be working on a project for The Spa At The Hotel Hershey then the next day you’re working on a project for the Hershey Bears. The variety keeps you on your toes and interested in your work every day! 

Third, I wouldn’t have had the phenomenal experience if it wasn’t for the four other interns that were working alongside me all summer long. The Marketing and Communications teams did a great job at hiring such intelligent, passionate, and strong young women. I will forever be grateful for the friendships I have made during my time here at HE&R. 


Mackenzie taking pictures at The Hotel Hershey.

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