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Spiritual Development: Shamira’s Story

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When Shamira reflects on her life as an eight-year-old, she describes it as the beginning of her spiritual journey. Six years later, she enrolled at Milton Hershey School and continued learning how to develop a relationship beyond herself.

“[Growing up] I was very insecure. You could break me the moment I heard you talking about me,” she said. “Going through that helped me develop a thicker skin and also helped me realize who I am in Christ.”

As a senior, Shamira participates in the school’s Gospel choir and Bible Society where she has leadership opportunities by organizing discussions with her peers. These activities have helped her build supportive relationships with MHS students and alumni.

Shamira also believes in positivity. When she interacts with students who are experiencing a challenge, she does her best to encourage them and show them that they’re not alone.

“When people see that you’re positive, they want to be around you,” Shamira explained. “Without a positive spirit, many [employees] won’t want to work with you. Attitude is everything. It’s not about what happens to you, it’s about how you handle it.”

Her advice for developing a spiritual mindset? “Try to do little things [each day] like being thankful for food,” she said.

Along with gratitude, Shamira also says her spirituality helps her practice mutual respect when she’s interacting with students who have differing backgrounds and beliefs.

“When I share my views with people who have different beliefs, I try not to disrespect their views because that automatically turns them away,” she said. “I was taught you don’t always have to preach to someone—just show them through your lifestyle.”

As Shamira prepares to graduate from MHS, she has faith in the future even when she feels unsure. Her spirituality is also guiding her career goals.

“I’m going to miss this place. There are good moments that I’ve shared with a lot of people,” she said. “Sometimes I get nervous [about the future], but then I remember to trust God.”

Shamira plans to attend Cairn University near Philadelphia to major in business and minor in biblical studies. Her goal is to become a motivational speaker who discusses spirituality with others.

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