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Snow Doesn’t Stop the Hersheypark Team

Every ride at Hersheypark is taken off the tracks during the winter months and the process of annual ride inspection begins in the Hersheypark Service Center. More than 175 Rides Maintenance employees work on the inspections which includes disassembling the rides down to the frames and following the procedures outlined by each ride manufacturer.

All the rides need to be placed back in their “home” inside the Park prior to Springtime In The Park. How does that happen?

Some rides can be manually placed back into the Park. But, roller coaster cars need to be lifted carefully onto the tracks by huge cranes. A crew works on the ground to harness the coaster car onto the crane. The crane slowly lifts the car and places it onto the track where another crew unhooks the car and attaches it to the track.

The process is true teamwork and also a sure sign of the upcoming spring season.

Recently Hersheypark and surrounding areas were blanketed by 16” of snow which had to be removed from the midways at Hersheypark before the cranes and also the flatbed trucks carrying the coasters could drive to their assigned tracks.

It’s an amazing site to see the massive cars lifted by a huge crane and handled with precision by an experienced team.

But, don’t take my word for it. Check out these videos and see for yourself!



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ridecranevideo4 (2)

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See you for Springtime in the Park on April 8 and 9 and April 14-16!