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Six Animals You Won’t Want To Miss During $6 Fridays at ZooAmerica

Six Animals You Won’t Want To Miss During $6 Fridays at ZooAmerica

Visit ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park in Hershey, PA this winter to see and learn how North American animals spend their winter days. Bobcats, lynx, elk, river otters and mountain lions are just a few of the Zoo’s residents that love the colder temperatures. You can visit them every Friday through March 31, 2017 for just $6, and the Zoo is every day except Christmas. For more information read here.

Below is some information about six favorite Zoo residents that you will find enjoying the winter:


  1. Canada Lynx: Woody is a guest favorite, calling ZooAmerica home since 2007. His mate Willow came to the Zoo in 2013. Even though she is one year younger than Woody, she is the bigger of the two and appears to be the cat in charge. If you visit and can’t see these two beautiful Lynx, look towards the rocky ledge at the back of the exhibit or in the thick brush and, chances are, you’ll see a pair of eyes peering back at you.
  2. River Otters: Ethyl and Link are two River Otters that are ZooAmerica fan favorites, especially when these playful creatures show off their swimming skills. Their streamlined bodies and webbed feet make them extremely agile in the water and they even enjoy swimming when their pond is rimmed with ice.

  3. American Elk: ZooAmerica is home to three American Elk: two females, or cows, and one male, or bull elk. You may notice Nubs, our male elk, is sporting a rather impressive set of antlers. But, if you happen to stop by in the summer or spring he would have been wearing very different looking headgear. Elk antlers completely fall off then re-grow every year. Nubs typically loses his antlers during February and will soon begin growing a new set.

  4. Snowy Owls: Saskia and Hans are the two snowy owls have called ZooAmerica home since arriving in 2009. Snowy owls are birds of the treeless tundra, so our owls spend a lot of time on the ground. They are adapted to life in cold weather, as very thick feathers cover their legs and feet.

  5. Mountain Lions: Both Rosa and Rainier are rescue animals. These large cats can weigh up to 150 pounds and are also referred to as cougar, puma, panther, catamount, painter or mountain lion. This cat is recognized by its large size, uniform tan color and long tail.

  6. Bobcats: ZooAmerica is home to a family of three bobcats. In 2008, the mother, Keira, gave birth to Reese and Kit Kat. Reese, the male, is very nosy and likes to investigate. The females Keira and Kit Kat are more calm and relaxed. Like all cats, bobcats spend a lot of time sleeping and grooming. Look for them up on the "shelves" of the exhibit if they are not down on the ground exploring.

These are just six types of the more than 200 animals that you can see and learn about at ZooAmerica. I hope you’ll visit soon and tell me about your visit.