12:35 PM

Riding at New Heights


Hersheypark will open Hershey Triple Tower ™, the first choose-your-thrill triple tower in the United States, for Springtime In The Park on Saturday, April 8. Each tower provides a different ride experience with varying heights, thrill levels and speeds.

This new ride will not only offer families the opportunity to choose their level of thrill, but also provide panoramic views of the Park.

The smallest of the three towers, Hershey’s Kisses Tower™ is 80 feet high and will seat 12 riders on each ride. At a height of 131’, Reese’s Tower™ can accommodate 16 riders on each ride. Reaching 189’ above Hersheypark, Hershey’s Tower™ will offer 20 seats in the round.

Hershey Triple Tower™, manufactured by S & S Worldwide, Inc. of Logan, UT, will be located in the Kissing Tower Hill section of the Park. Each of the three towers will operate independently, launching at different times, with independent queue lines.

Ride construction began in September, 2016. Approximately 800 feet of cable to deliver 13,200 volts of electricity had to be trenched to the site to power the ride. Supporting the three structures is 122,000 pounds (62 tons) of steel and 60 truckloads of concrete.

The three towers are now visible inside the Park and the two larger can be seen from several vantage points in Hershey.

Just released is a drone video demonstrating the height of each tower which you can view here.

For additional information please log onto: http://www.hersheypark.com/things-to-do/new-for-2017.php