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Reviews: Ride Laff Trakk In The Dark

Dark. Darker. Completely Dark. 

There are shades of darkness. There is I can still kind of see the outline of things but the lights are off, I can see my hand in front of me but nothing else, and then there is completely dark as in I can't see anything. And with each level of darkness, you become increasingly disoriented and scared.

So what's it like to ride a roller coaster in the dark? You can find out at Hersheypark this October for the annual Hersheypark In The Dark event.

There are four roller coasters that "go dark" for Halloween.

Wildcat, Comet, and Lightning Racer will turn the lights on their tracks off during the last hour of every night.

The effect is pretty cool. You are riding Wildcat, Comet, or Lightning Racer when it is dark outside and the lights for the ride are also off. Granted there are some external lights lighting so it isn't pitch dark but still a different experience for sure.

And, NEW this year you can ride Laff Trakk with the lights off from open to close. Laff Trakk is an indoor spinning glow coaster so with the lights off it is pretty close to total darkness. And based on reviews from last year, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Will you ride Laff Trakk this year in total darkness? If you do share your review with us below or by using #HersheyparkHappy on Instagram and Twitter.

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