11:45 AM

Reese’s Cupfusion to Open May 25

Agents, are you up for the mission Memorial Day weekend?

Hersheypark just announced a key mission detail for Reese’s Cupfusion - the opening date! The all-new interactive gaming ride, which features the most targets in the world and six unique ways to play, will open to park-goers on Saturday, May 25. How sweet is that?

What's your mission? Become an agent, protect the factory and ensure the world is never deprived of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

Inside the All-New Ride

Reese's Cupfusion attraction merges the world's love of chocolate and peanut butter to create a sweet full-sensory adventure with multiple ways to play for the entire family. Riders become Reese’s Agent Trainees at a futuristic factory that runs on Reese’s Spirit. At the heart of the factory is the legendary Crystal Cup, which collects and amplifies the love of chocolate and peanut butter to create Cupfusion Energy that powers the factory.

Reese’s Agent Trainees are assigned a critical mission to ensure the world is never deprived of Reese’s by protecting the Crystal Cup under the guidance of Commander Cup, a new character introduced this year. However, other new characters like Mint The Merciless and The League Of Misfit Candy are on a mission of their own to steal the Crystal Cup.

How To Protect The Factory and Earn Points

Reese’s Agent Trainees are transported through the futuristic factory in 4-person Reese’s Spirit powered transport cars. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, they must activate targets to power the factory, stun the mischievous intruders, and work together with fellow agents to unlock extra points. 

Six Ways to Play

  • Fixed and Motion-Based targets
  • Small and Large Media targets featured on screens up to 22 ft tall
  • Unlock "Easter eggs" through individual and cooperative group play, resulting in bonus points.

Guests can try to beat their score with every ride to become a Reese’s Legend in the Hall of Fame.

More Personalized Experiences For Guests Than Ever Before

Riders on Reese’s Cupfusion are given the latest technology to track agent scores, and view a free ride photo through an all-new guest platform called HPGO. This exclusive guest platform connects with the Hersheypark app and seamlessly integrates with the enhanced Fast Track program. New this year is Fast Track Unlimited, which allows guests to skip the regular line on any 14 of the featured attractions all day long!

To learn more about Reese's Cupfusion or purchase tickets to Hersheypark, visit Hersheypark.com.