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5 Tips to Get a High Score on Reese's Cupfusion

Here's How to Earn Your Spot on the Reese's Cupfusion Leaderboard at Hersheypark

Reese's Cupfusion, an interactive gaming ride featuring the most targets in the world, has quickly become a favorite attraction of many Hersheypark guests since its opening in May 2019. Riders are assigned an important mission to become an agent, protect the factory and ensure the world is never deprived of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups by stunning intruders and activating Factory Power Ports using an amplifier.

The sweet, full-sensory adventure is fun for guests of nearly any age, especially those with a competitive side who will want to ride over and over again to try to improve their score and earn their place as a Reese's Legend in the Hall of Fame. If this sounds like you, we are here to help you score more points - and major bragging rights - on Reese’s Cupfusion!

First things first. You will want to get your HPGO wristband, which is an easy, yet important step to compete for a spot on the Reese's Cupfusion leaderboard. 

You can pick up a free HPGO wristband at the kiosks right outside of Reese's Cupfusion or Whitecap Racer (when The Boardwalk At Hersheypark is open), as well as Fast Track Services at the front of the Park. Once you have your HPGO wristband, the next step is to download the free Hersheypark app to create your personalized HPGO account. Click here for a step-by-step guide. Doing this will give you access to ride stats, a free in-app ride photo and additional scoring tips for Reese's Cupfusion. The last step in the process is to tap the Kiss icon on your wristband to the Kiss-shaped reader located in the queue line right before you get into your Reese’s Transport.

Now, you’re ready to complete the mission. Here are five pointers and some insider tips to help you along the way!

1. Speed is important. 

One of the keys to scoring as many points as possible is to focus on the speed in which you pull the trigger on the amplifier. There is no penalty for missed shots, so aim and fire quickly! Also, you can hit the same target multiple times to rack up your score, which takes less time than swinging your body around to hit multiple different targets just once. 

Insider Tip: Start collecting points right away in the Agent Training Area by activating the Factory Power Ports. Remember - the quicker you are, the more points you will get!

2. Focus on the harder-to-hit targets.

There are six different types of targets to earn points on Reese's Cupfusion. Riders can activate fixed-based targets, ​motion-based targets, targets on small media screens, targets on large media screens, individual "Easter Eggs" and targets that unlock cooperative group play. The smaller, harder-to-hit targets - like the swinging Gumdrops - are worth a greater point value. 

Insider Tip: Mint the Merciless cannot be stunned, so focus on activating other targets.

3. Keep an eye out for unique characters.

Reese's Cupfusion is the first-ever story-based attraction at Hersheypark. The ride features a handful of new characters that guests were introduced to earlier this year, including Commander Cup, who is the head of the Reese's factory and will guide riders on how to protect it. However, other new characters like Mint the Merciless and The League of Misfit Candy are on a mission of their own to take over the factory. 

Not only do these characters add to the overall rider experience on Reese's Cupfusion, but they also play an important role in helping riders get a higher score. Characters you don't see as often throughout the ride are worth more points. 

Insider Tip: Look for Heartless and Slither N' Squirm in the Reese's Foundry. They hold a higher point value than the Gumdrops.

4. Find the Easter eggs.

Hidden throughout the ride are Easter eggs in the form of yellow dots that are worth higher point values than other targets. To get the highest score, you will want to find these Easter eggs. 

Insider Tip: A snowman in the holiday scene is holding an ornament that is an Easter Egg. When the ornament lights up, hit it for extra points!

5. Work with fellow riders to unlock group play.

Riders can work together to unlock group play opportunities that result in bonus points. When certain targets are fully charged, they will release a stream of floating Reese's Mini Cups for player to collect additional points.

Insider Tip: All riders can aim their amplifier at the Factory Power Port on the red flask in the R&D Lab to build up its contents which overflows with Golden Bonus Cups.

Are you up for the mission?

Now that you are armed with additional scoring tips, we hope to see your initials on the leaderboard outside of Reese’s Cupfusion. It is updated daily, so there are endless chances for you to earn one of the top 30 scores of the day. Also, don’t forget to check the Hersheypark app to view your rank, your season best score, the free ride photo, a ride tip and the Hall of Fame leaderboard, the latter of which will give you a sense of how your score compares with other agents throughout the summer even after you leave the Park. 

Once the summer is over, there is still plenty of time to ride Reese’s Cupfusion. The ride will be open during Hersheypark In The Dark (Oct. 18-20, 25-27 and Nov. 1-3), and the best part about it is that the Hall of Fame will reset for the new season!