14:04 PM

Play Like A Kid, Pay Like A Kid

Visits to amusement parks seem to bring out the kid in all of us! Even as adults we have so many memories as a child enjoying an amusement park: riding rides, playing games, wearing silly hats and just acting like a kid.

Often being a parent means acting grown up and enforcing the rules. Sometimes you feel like you have to leave those carefree days behind you.

If you are one of the adults that says: “If only I was a kid again,” we have a destination for you: Hersheypark!

While we can’t turn back time at Hersheypark, we CAN turn back the years when you buy an admission ticket now through June 30! The savings amount to more than 30% off the regular admission ticket. And the best value is a 2-day ticket for $66 to double the fun!

Tickets must be purchased online and can be used any day of the 2018 summer public operating season, which opens Friday, April 27.