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Perks of being a "Workamper" at Hersheypark Camping Resort

Now hiring various roles at HPCR

Most of us have heard the old philosophical adage, “Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” Workampers at Hersheypark Camping Resort (HPCR) say they have a chance to fulfill that belief every single day. Our workampers have an incredible opportunity to live and work at the camping resort while performing maintenance, housekeeping or utility duties depending on their preference. 

Many recently assisted with the Milton Hershey School (MHS) Project Fellowship year-end events. Project Fellowship is an innovative program that pairs team members with MHS student homes to spend time together while fostering a sense of connection and community. Nearly a thousand visitors including students, houseparents, teachers and mentors attended the events. 


Shannon Snyder, manager of HPCR, says the national workamper program has been part of Hersheypark Camping Resort for approximately two decades. 

“We have a good group this year, everyone works really hard. They take a lot of pride in what they do and what goes on here. I love getting to meet the workampers, they bring a lot to the team. You get such good people because of the backgrounds that they bring, it’s always very exciting.” - Shannon 

To shine a light on our team of workampers who go above and beyond every day for guests and visitors, we gathered couples and solo adventurers alike to share what they love most about their jobs and working in Hershey, PA

“I have been workamping since 2017! This is my third year at Hershey as a full-time workamper. My one son also works as a ride attendant at the Park [Hersheypark], my other son works at the front desk here at the Camping Resort. I love being on my hammock on my days off, enjoying nature. I love having financial freedom and enjoying the simpler things in life.” - Liza

“This has been my first workamping experience at Hersheypark Camping Resort. My family and I have been workamping for over a year now. I decided that I wanted a new adventure. I love that there is always something to do and I can stay close to my kids. This is our campground, we take more pride in something where we live.” - Andrea

“I decided that I wanted a new adventure in life. I searched the area and saw that the camp needed some help. Hersheypark is also a great place to visit. I also love Hershey Gardens and just got to check it out over the weekend.” - Billy 

“This is also my first workamping job and my second season with Hershey. My husband, Matt does maintenance and mechanics. It’s great getting to meet new people. All of us care a lot about guests and visitors at the resort.” - Katie

“I am new to the Hersheypark Camping Resort as a workamper. I am originally from Colorado and have been workamping since 2020. I have only been here at the resort for two weeks. Hersheypark has been a total blast and the people are very nice.” - Joy 

“I work in housekeeping with my husband, William. We are definitely able to bond more as a family. Our son also works in retail. It has been a wonderful experience.” - Heather

“This is my second month doing housekeeping. We ended up loving it here at the Hersheypark Camping Resort. The parks are very nice.” - William 

“For the last 15 years, I have been in an office setting. So far I have been workamping for two years. Now I am working in maintenance at the Hersheypark Camping Resort. My wife and I are both retired and having a great experience honing our skills better. We just had our first dinner at The Chocolatier over the weekend. There are so many benefits, especially being able to enjoy the resorts with the family.” - Rick


We thank our inspiring workampers for choosing HPCR as their destination to work and live. Their hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed while keeping our Camping Resort beautiful and inviting to guests.

Workampers can also take advantage of amazing perks available to all Hershey Entertainment & Resorts (HE&R) team members including free Hersheypark admission, discounts on food and retail and more. Workampers are typically hired during the spring to assist with the busy summer season but some of them decide to stay through the winter season. Although no workamper roles are available at this time, other jobs are now available at HPCR. Consider applying for a Reservations Supervisor, Retail Assistant Supervisor or Store Clerk. These positions also come with similar perks that our workampers enjoy throughout HE&R!


HPCR will begin hiring workampers for the 2023 season starting in October. If you are interested in applying please contact Shannon Snyder by emailing ssnyder@hersheypa.com. 

Click here for a complete list of available roles at HPCR. 

To learn more about available full-time and part-time opportunities throughout HE&R, visit HersheyJobs.com and become a member of our #HersheyJobs team.