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Perfect Pairs at ZooAmerica for Valentine's Day

Love is in the Air at ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park

In celebration of Valentine's Day, let’s take a look at a few of our favorite mated pairs and family groups at ZooAmerica. But before we get started, did you know that many of our more than 200 animals prefer to live with a companion or family members? Talk about true love!

Mountain Lions

Two mountain lions, Rosa and Rainier, call ZooAmerica home. Rosa is significantly older than Rainier, but they still share a few touching moments. Whether Rainier is licking snowflakes off of Rosa's head or playfully wrestling with her, they have a great relationship! When Rainier was first introduced to the exhibit in 2015, all of the zookeepers agreed that Rosa became more spirited and active.


Visitors to ZooAmerica can see two roadrunners, Dash and Amarilla, in the desert garden of the Great Southwest building. They are currently in the middle of nesting season. Early in the morning, they can often be found sunbathing with a tortoise friend. Dash and Amarilla are known to gather sticks and present gifts to one another. We wonder what they will give each other for Valentine's Day! 


Bobcats Kiera and Boy are a mother-son duo at ZooAmerica. Kiera’s daughter also lives with them and the three get along beautifully. Like all cats, bobcats spend a lot of time sleeping and grooming. For this reason, visitors often spot them grooming each other - a sweet sight to see!

River Otters

ZooAmerica is home to two river otters, Link and Ethel. They won’t be producing young together, but their bond is still second to none. They are nearly always found side by side (except during feeding time!).

Thick-Billed Parrots

Like many other thick-billed parrots, Sunny and Paula are a bonded pair. Sunny is now 31 years old and too old to breed, so he and Paula are living a more relaxed life with their adult children. Over the last 10 years, they produced six parrot chicks - a significant achievement for their endangered species.

If you would like to see these perfect pairs in person, a visit to ZooAmerica would make for a unique date!