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New Warming Ginger Collection at MeltSpa by Hershey

Skin health is a pretty big deal. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and supports the life of all other body parts, and plays a role in maintaining the immune system*! Taking care of your skin is something to think about year-round, but especially during wintertime as harsh weather and dry air can do a number on your skin.

A fabulous way to treat your skin, while also relaxing, is to immerse yourself in the new Warming Ginger Collection at MeltSpa by Hershey day spa! This exclusive collection nourishes skin through a unique blend of essential oils, and the warming properties ease tired muscles. Make your appointment now! The Warming Ginger Collection is only available at MeltSpa by Hershey through March 31.

Warming Ginger Collection

Warming Ginger Manicure
Warming Ginger Pedicure
Warming Ginger Massage (50- or 80-minute)
Warming Ginger Body Scrub
Warming Ginger Package (manicure, pedicure, 50-minute massage and body scrub)

*Source: AmericanSkin.org/resource