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New 2020 Hersheypark Season Pass Options

This post originally appeared on mommarambles.com

We are so excited to learn that Hersheypark Amusement Park is debuting an all new Hersheypark Season Pass program for the 2020 operating season! Season Passes will be offered in three different tiers, allowing guests to customize their season pass to best fit their desired Hersheypark experience! Each tier will allow guests, as always, to enjoy unlimited #HersheyparkHappy fun all year long!

Right now you all the Season Passes are available on 12-month payment plans starting as low as $11 per month. But you need to hurry, as this limited-time offer ends July 31, 2019. Check out the different tiers below!

2020 King Size Season Pass

For 2020, Hersheypark is introducing the all King Size Season Pass!! It includes all the classic perks you’ve grown to love over the years, plus a few new bonuses! Guests will also receive a FREE All-Season Drink Plan, two free Hersheypark tickets, first-to-ride access to the new 15th coaster as part of the all-new Hershey’s Chocolatetownregion, and so much more!

If you ask me which Season Pass I would choose, it’s THIS ONE!! We purchase an All Season Drinking Pass every year so I love that it will now be included automatically. Plus you can’t go wrong with the discounts and access to the Season Pass Lot! I’m excited to see what surprise monthly perks Hersheypark will offer!

2020 Full Size Season Pass

So maybe you aren’t one for roller coasters, or don’t desire the All Season Drinking Plan, but will want access to Sweet Start and special events. Then take a look at the Full Size Season Pass!

You’ll receive many of the classic Season Pass perks of previous years, along with 20% off additional Hersheypark Tickets, and access to the Monthly Rewards Program!

2020 Bite Size Season Pass

Don’t need all the perks but love the unlimited visits all year long? Then the Bite Size Season Pass is for you!

Please note this option does not include Sweet Start or special events, and the parking perk included is 50% off general parking.

I’m loving the new tier system! What a great way to allow guests to customize their Season Pass, based on what perks they would actually use. Hersheypark understands that not everyone is an early riser for Sweet Start, or rides roller coasters. So why not let guests enjoy a Season Pass, while saving even more money with a tier that fits their preferences? Kudos to Hersheypark! 

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