15:18 PM

National Golf Lovers Day at Hershey Country Club

Today is National Golf Lover’s Day! Although Hershey Country Club (HCC) celebrates the love for the sport every day, we are extra grateful on this day for the services and special features we provide for Members and guests that play at our country club. 

The Club would not be successful without the knowledge and expertise of our golf professional staff! They set a standard of professionalism that is observed on and off the courses. 

The golf professional staff includes:

  • Sara Muldoon, Director of Golf
  • Andrew Surette, Head Golf Professional
  • Jeff Galbraith, Operations Manager, Spring Creek Golf Course
  • Jeff Bachelor, Teaching Golf Professional 
  • Tim Harner, Assistant Golf Professional
  • Chad Yogan, Assistant Golf Professional

The Club takes pride in having three award-winning courses surrounded by gorgeous views that provide exceptional experiences for all players. Spring Creek Golf Course is the area’s longest 9-hole course, and starting this year we are now offering  FlingGolf and FootGolf! The West Course is a member favorite at HCC due to the historic views! Players enjoy passing the High Point Mansion and teeing off next to the chocolate factory smokestacks. The East Course is HCC’s longest and most challenging course! Although it may be a tough course for any player, the East Course remains the best location for seeing the changing leaves in the fall or striking sunsets in the summertime.

Although the summer season has come to an end, there were unforgettable tournaments and programs HCC is proud to have hosted! Tournaments included Tee It Up With The Troops, Women’s Member-Guest, and special holiday tournaments such as the July Fourth Ponies and Labor Day Ponies. Lastly, HCC hosted a few larger events including the Senior Club Championship, Club Championship, Junior Club Championship, and Men’s Invitational.

HCC’s teaching golf professional, Jeff Batchelor, led junior golf camps in June, July, and August for kids to practice their skills and have fun! If you're looking to perfect your skill, consider signing up for a lesson or clinic with our golf professionals! Instructional programs are offered all year round! For more information visit the HCC golf page

The fun isn’t over yet! The HCC golf department is looking forward to several more golf events for the rest of the year. On Thursday, October 6 we have The Farmer’s Locker Party, where players dress in their best farmer outfits and compete in a fun yet competitive tournament. On Sunday, October 9, we host the Hogan Cup Shootout at 1 p.m. Additionally, we look forward to transitioning to the winter season by opening the Golf Simulator the first week of November and starting our Simulator Golf League in January.

HCC thanks all staff for their selfless service and contribution to making the Club an avenue for Members to make memories, hone their golf game, and engage in some friendly competition. Happy Golf Lovers Day to all! We hope to see you on the courses soon! 

For membership inquiries please visit Hershey Country Club