11:17 AM

Milton Hershey School Kicks Off 'GOLDEN' School Year

On Monday, Aug. 19, 2019, Milton Hershey School kicked off the new school year encouraging its students, teachers and staff members to 'Be Golden.' During the opening assembly at Giant Center, more than 2,100 students were inspired by alumni, President Pete Gurt, teachers, houseparents, and current students. The energy of the event was electric with a drum solo by alumnus Andre Sumler ’17 and alumnus Chris Worsley ’12 spinning tunes throughout the event. New students received a special welcome and words of encouragement while returning students celebrated the return to Hershey and the campus they love. The event culminated with the School introducing its new mascot, Sparty! With the gold confetti falling from the ceiling, students and staff were sent on their way to start another year and encouraged to embrace every golden moment and opportunity. To learn more about the 2019 Opening of School Assembly, visit https://www.mhskids.org/news/mhs-community-inspired-to-be-golden-during-opening-of-school-assembly/


Photos courtesy of Milton Hershey School


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