Maryanne Dromgoole, 2017 The Hotel Hershey Partner of the Year
"Being recognized as Partner of the Year, is by far my biggest accomplishment since joining the team. It was a big surprise considering all of the deserving nominees. I’m very honored!"
Maryanne Dromgoole, 2017 The Hotel Hershey Partner of the Year
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Meet The Hotel Hershey 2017 Partner of the Year

Meet Maryanne Dromgoole, the Food & Beverage Administrative Assistant for The Hotel Hershey and recipient of the property’s 2017 Partner of the Year award. Even though she’s only been with The Hotel family for two years, she quickly established an impeccable reputation and work ethic among her teammates. She works collaboratively with the entire Food & Beverage (F&B) department to ensure daily operations run smoothly, assists in monitoring and responding to guest feedback, updates seasonal menu changes at the numerous restaurants and so much more. We’re excited to have had the opportunity to chat with Maryanne about what this award means to her. She outlines what her biggest accomplishment has been so far and shares more about her personal and professional lives. Congratulations, Maryanne and thank you for your service!

Q) Tell us about your career. Where did you go to school? What was your career path prior to joining Hershey?
A) I graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Shortly after graduation, I taught 4th grade for two years at a small school in New Jersey. In 2003, my husband started a career with The Hershey Company and we moved to Palmyra, PA. While on the hunt for a teaching position, I started with The Hershey Company in the Consumer Relations department. I was there for almost three years, when the department was outsourced. At that point, my son was just about six-months-old. I decided to take a break from working and enjoy being a mom. I was lucky to be able to do that for the next seven years. To get back into the working world, I started a job at Paramount Sports Complex in 2012, doing desk type work. In 2015, my career started at The Hotel Hershey!

Q) Walk us through your career so far at The Hershey Hershey.
A) My time at The Hotel Hershey began with working third shift as a Night Auditor. I wasn’t really thinking of leaving the audit position, but I just happened to come across an internal job posting for an administrative assistant. I was offered the position, and in January 2017, became the Food & Beverage Administrative Assistant.

Q) Why did you choose to work for Hershey Entertainment & Resorts (HE&R)?
A) Working for one of the Hershey entities had always been on my radar. For years, I would hear friends talk about how much they love working for a Hershey entity, whether it be The Hershey Company, Milton Hershey School, at Giant Center, Hershey Lodge or The Hotel Hershey. I knew I could benefit working for such a respectable company as HE&R.

Q) What's your biggest accomplishment since joining the HE&R team?
A) Being recognized as Partner of the Year, is by far my biggest accomplishment since joining the team. It was a big surprise considering all of the deserving nominees. I’m very honored!

Q) What does it mean to you to win this award?
A) I’m extremely grateful to have received this award. It’s an amazing feeling to be recognized for doing outstanding work.

Q) What's the most rewarding aspect of your job?
A) The most rewarding aspect of my job is that I’m able to succeed at helping others. Whether it be co-workers or guests, it feels great to know that my efforts are appreciated and I walk away knowing that I met their expectations.

Q) What advice would you give someone interested in a career in the hospitality industry?
A) I’ve only been in the hospitality industry for three years, but in that short time, I’ve learned the importance of being a team player. We all have the common goal to exceed our guests’ expectations which ultimately results in a successful organization. Take the time to learn about your colleague’s job. This allows you to appreciate the challenges they face and determine how you can help when needed.

Q) What's the best perk of your job?
A) After having worked third shift and completely flipping my schedule upside down, I realize how wonderful it is to have a flexible schedule. Family is most important to me, and this position allows me to balance my work and home life, without feeling guilty if something comes up.

Q) What’s a typical day for you?
A) Every day brings something new. My priority is to support the F&B team. The restaurants at The Hotel change their menus seasonally and during that time I work closely with the chefs to draft, print and upload the menus to the website. I have a part in many special events including the Wine & Food Festival, Chocolate-Covered February, Restaurant Week, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. My daily clerical duties consist of supply ordering, expense reports, requisitions, planning meetings and taking minutes, answering the phone and any other administrative requests and queries from the F&B Team and Executive Managers. I also receive the majority of the donation requests for The Hotel and The Spa At The Hotel Hershey, prepare them for the committee to review and then generate gift letters for those that are approved. Lastly, I monitor social media for The Hotel Hershey and its restaurants including The Circular, Harvest, Trevi 5 and Iberian Lounge. I respond to Trip Advisor reviews as necessary and make it a point to share with the team, not only the constructive feedback, but any positive comments that are posted.

Q) Tell us something folks might not know about you.
A) Had I pursued a career utilizing my college degree, I would most likely be a Health and Physical Education teacher. Obviously, very different than what I’m doing now, but life is unpredictable and I wouldn’t change it for anything! Outside of work, I keep busy in the community. I have the privilege of volunteering with Project Fellowship, being paired with the same Milton Hershey School home for more than 10 years. I volunteer at the Hershey Food Bank one to two times a month. I’m most proud of my two children - Kevin, 12 and Katie, 10. I love supporting them in their activities. Kevin is a hockey fanatic and plays for the Palmyra Black Knights, as well as, Palmyra Middle School. Katie is a dedicated soccer player for a local travel club team. We love living next door to Hershey and being able to take advantage of all the great restaurants, activities, and events.