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Make Your Text Messages Hersheypark Happy

Our Official Hersheypark Mobile App just got even sweeter! You can now use it to download our all-new Hersheypark Stickers for iOS. These sweet stickers let you share your excitement for our king size shakes, decide which attraction to ride first and try on some goofy sunglasses - all from the iMessage app on your phone!

With more than 16 Hersheypark Happy themed stickers including the Hershey's Triple Tower, a Hershey’s Kiss signature-shaped street light, a King Size Milkshake, and more, you’ll be able to sweeten your texts and group chats in a new and exciting way!

How it works:

Watch this video to see the new Hersheypark App Stickers in action.

Hersheypark Stickers Preview

So, what exactly are stickers?

You’re not alone if you didn’t know there is now a sticker function for your messages. It’s a new feature from Apple’s iOS 10 software update, which gave the Messages App an upgrade and added the ability to send digital stickers to any of your contacts. These “stickers” are simply sweet, fun images that can be sent just like photos and videos. You can also “stick” them to previous messages in the text conversation, hence the name.

Will my friends see them?

Yes, when you text a Hersheypark sticker to one of your contacts or in a group chat, they’ll see it even if they don’t have the sticker pack installed. Plus, they’ll see a small link below if they want to download the sticker pack to use themselves!

Non-iPhone users won’t be left out either. They’ll receive the sticker as an image attachment. These sweet stickers will only work in the Messages app, though, so you can’t send them in emails or use them on social media posts.

To download the Hersheypark iOS stickers:

  • Download the Hersheypark App for iOS and the stickers will be downloaded to your phone with the app.
  • If you already have the Hersheypark App, go to the App Store icon on your phone and make sure you have the latest version updated. 
  • Both the Hersheypark stickers and the Hersheypark App are free, they are connected. If you delete the Hersheypark App the Hersheypark stickers will also be deleted.

To use the Hersheypark iOS stickers:

  • Open Messages, tap , and enter a contact or tap on an existing conversation.
  • Tap  , then tap .
  • Tap  in the lower-left corner to open the app drawer.

Hersheypark App Stickers

If these steps didn’t work, visit the Apple website where you can troubleshoot.


We want to know what you think!

These are the first Hersheypark Stickers we have made so let us know if you like them and if you want to see more using #Hersheypark.