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John Cusack Trivia

We’ve all seen “Say Anything,” and many of us can quote this cult classic in our sleep. Every girl has dreamed about John Cusack holding a boombox outside of her window, playing “In Your Eyes!” To celebrate John Cusack’s September 19 visit to Hershey Theatre, where there will be a screening of the classic flick and live discussion afterward, we’ve got some “Say Anything” and John Cusack Trivia! Test yourself below and let us know how many questions you get right!

Say Anything Trivia

  1. On their first date, Diane tells Lloyd she’s “never dated anyone so…?”

  2. “I gave her my heart, and she gave me a _______.”

  3. Who sings “In your Eyes,” the film’s theme song?

  4. What year did “Say Anything” hit cinemas?

  5. Lloyd and Diane are flying to what county at the end of the film?

  6. What sport is Lloyd most interested in?


John Cusack Trivia

  1. John Cusack played a record shop owner in what film?

  2. John Cusack made a guest vocal appearance on which 90s sitcom that also starred “Say Anything” actor John Mahoney?

  3. John Cusack is a fan of his hometown baseball team, ____?

  4. Which 2010 time-warping comedy movie stars John Cusack, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke?

  5. John Cusack stars in which horror film based on a Stephen King novel?


Say Anything Answers:                                       John Cusack Answers:

  1. Basic                                                                     1. High Fidelity

  2. Pen                                                                        2. Frasier

  3. Peter Gabriel                                                        3. The Chicago Cubs

  4. 1989                                                                      4. Hot Tub Time Machine

  5. England                                                                 5. 1408

  6. Kickboxing