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It’s National Red Rose Day

The M.S. Hershey Rose is the most famous red rose in Hershey, PA!
MS Hershey Rose 2

In 1940 the American Rose Society named a rose in honor of Milton Hershey - the M.S. Hershey rose - to recognize the chocolate magnate for his love of horticulture. Just a few years prior, in June of 1937, Mr. Hershey opened Hershey Rose Garden as a way to share with the public his interest in horticulture and offer a “nice garden of roses” for visitors to enjoy. The three and a half acres, situated on a hillside below The Hotel Hershey, showed a beautiful display of roses of several varieties.
The Hershey Rose Garden initially displayed 600 M.S. Hershey rose bushes; however, over the years the number of bushes began to steadily decline, with only a few remaining by 2012.
In 2012, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Hershey Rose Garden, renamed Hershey Gardens in 1979, the M.S. Hershey rose was propagated and its former abundance restored.
Guests who visit Hershey Gardens today can still see the original design that made up Hershey Rose Garden and also visit a special tribute garden that features the M.S. Hershey rose. During peak bloom season in early June and throughout summer, the beautiful red rose named after Mr. Hershey graces the Gardens, as well as many other red rose varieties, including Crimson Bouquet, Veterans’ Honor, Proud Land and the Hot Cocoa Rose.
In total, Hershey Gardens has 3,500 rose bushes representing 175 varieties in virtually every color of the rainbow, including red!

Roses at Hershey Gardens

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