12:02 PM

Introducing Hershey's Double Chocolate S'more

Welcome summer...and one of the season's signature desserts! Hershey's Chocolate World Attraction is celebrating by introducing a special version of its own...the Hershey's Double Chocolate S'more! When requesting your made-to-order treat, you'll allow roasted marshmallow to melt the Hershey's Chocolate into gooey, crunchy goodness. And it's served open-faced...because Chocolate World wants YOU to be the one to s'moosh your s'more!

5 little reasons why this new big treat is so unique:

  1. Special Graham Crackers: infused with just a hint of savory flavor, the base of this s'more is designed to balance out the other sweet ingredients. Insider tip: break pieces off and use them as a scoop when digging into the gooeyness!
  2. Custom-Made Marshmallows: kissed with a bit of toasted flavor...the next best thing to roasting over a campfire!
  3. Hershey's Milk Chocolate: as in, a FULL bar of it melted within every s'more!
  4. Shareability: this generous dessert becomes all that much more fun to eat when you share your s'moosh, so go ahead...grab a friend!
  5. Photo Opps Galore: as if the giant s'moosh wasn't photo-worthy enough, life-sized backdrops and cool props will make your pictures even tastier!

Be sure to sample a s'more this summer...and share your memories using #smooshyoursmore and #chocolateworld!