12:00 PM

Inside Look at The Race Of Summer

This weekend, Whitecap Racer opens at Hersheypark. It is the world's longest mat racing slide and there is another aspect of the attraction that makes it unique...its incoporation of gamification via an arena-sized digital leaderboard that tracks best race times of the race, day and summer called The Race Of Summer.

Are you competitive? Me too! And that is what makes The Race Of Summer such a fun addition to this ride. Registration for the race gets you your ride photo and initials on an 10 foot by 24 foot leaderboard at the entrance of the ride. And you can opt to get a free ride photo with your ride stats emailed to you. 

Here's what you do:

3 Reasons To Register

1. Race again and again.

Before you ride, racers register at kiosks outside the ride. Registration is quick as you enter your initials and your email address for the photo and a personalized band is dispensed with your initials on it. The band is waterproof and you can wear it and ride all day.

The band has an RFID chip inside that racers tap at a reader just before you go down the slide so it will record your race time and speed.

2. Be featured on the big screen

The arena-sized Whitecap Racer Leaderboard features registered racer's initials, photo, race time, and race speed after each heat and you can compete to make the Top Racers of the day and Top Racers of the Season. You can race against your friends, try different lanes and see if you can beat your previous times.   

3. Share Your Picture & Stats

If you opt-in for you picture, this is what you can expect to get - an incredible photo with your ride stats included. From your email you can download this image to share to Instagram or share directly on Facebook or Twitter so you can memorialize your top score on your social feed. 

So take a minute to register for The Race Of Summer before you ride. It will make your ride(s) on Whitecap Racer that much sweeter!