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How Well Do You Know Sesame Street LIVE!

Sesame Street LIVE is coming to Hershey Theatre January 20 – 22, but if you want to test your knowledge beforehand, try this quiz:

  1. Which character is a fairy-in-training?
  2. What musical instrument does Ernie play?
  3. Which character likes collecting junk, standing in line, arguing and rainy days?
  4. If me favorite thing is cookie, what color is me fur?
  5. Which character’s favorite food is Birdseed Milkshakes?
  6. Whose Super Hero identity makes him smarter than a speeding bullet?
  7. Bernice the pigeon belongs to which character?
  8. How many Grammy Awards has Sesame Street won?
  9. What year did Sesame Street first air on television?
  10. What is Zoe’s favorite color?





  1. Abby Cadabby
  2. Saxophone
  3. Oscar the Grouch
  4. Blue (Cookie Monster)
  5. Big Bird
  6. Super Grover
  7. Bert
  8. 9
  9. 1969
  10. Orange

Tickets for Sesame Street LIVE at Hershey Theatre are still available, click here.

Hershey Theatre opened in September 1933. It has established itself as the area’s premier performing arts center, presenting the finest in touring Broadway shows, classical music and world-renowned entertainers. 

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