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A Brief History of High Point Mansion


Milton S. Hershey was an American chocolatier and philanthropist who lived in and built the town of Hershey, PA for his employees to have a place where they could live, work and play. The place he and his wife, Catherine 'Kitty,' called home was High Point Mansion, built in 1908. It is located on the grounds of Hershey Country Club and overlooks the original Hershey chocolate factory. Interested in learning more about this historic home? Enjoy our 10 facts about High Point Mansion.

  1. The Hershey Mansion (as it was originally called) cost about $100,000, including construction, landscaping and furnishings.
  2. High Point has 22 rooms (most consider this small for Milton Hershey’s wealth).
  3. Catherine “Kitty” Hershey wanted the rooms to have color themes: the Blue room, the Green room, the Rose Pink room, and the Gold Room.
  4. Kitty’s favorite part of the home was the garden.
  5. Sadly, the couple only lived together in High Point for about seven years.
  6. Kitty Hershey died in 1915, leaving Milton Hershey heartbroken. He would spend a significant time afterward traveling away from Hershey and High Point. 
  7. In 1930, Milton Hershey gave the estate to Hershey Country Club for its use until 1970. He continued to reside in two upstairs rooms.
  8. In 1978, the mansion was recognized and placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  9. From 1977 - 1991, The Hershey Company used the mansion as its headquarters.
  10. Today, Hershey Trust Company occupies the mansion for meetings and offices.

Even though it is now closed to the public, interested guests can see the exterior and learn more about it on the ever-popular Trolley Tour.