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Hersheypark Partners with Industry Leaders for Dark Nights Debut

Four New Haunted Houses, Three Scare Zones Open Sept. 17 at Hersheypark

(Hershey, Pa. - August 25, 2022) - In less than one month, Hersheypark amusement park will debut its new Dark Nights immersive haunt experience during its Hersheypark Halloween seasonal event. 

The four-acre addition of Dark Nights represents the largest investment to date for a seasonal event, with three new scare zones and four spine-tingling haunted houses as part of integrated thrill experiences guests can only find in Hersheypark. 

Hersheypark Halloween is open more weekends than ever before for seven weekends from Sept. 17 through Oct. 30, 2022. Full details, tickets and hours are available at www.Hersheypark.com/explore-the-park/halloween.php and www.Hersheypark.com/darknights.  

To bring the event to life, Hersheypark has partnered with industry leaders, including the following:

  • RWS Entertainment Group: Hersheypark has tapped award-winning attractions, entertainment and experience company RWS Entertainment Group to provide casting and production services for their Halloween and Dark Nights programming. RWS is auditioning the park’s “Scare Crew,” producing hauntingly original live entertainment and creating costumes and makeup that will make Dark Nights guests shiver, shudder and scream. In total, more than 120 RWS scare actors, stunt performers, and hospitality professionals will deliver maximum chills and thrills for the four haunted houses and three scare zones at Hersheypark.
  • Adirondack Studios: The Adirondack Studios team and Hersheypark came together to develop the design, fabrication, and installation of the haunted houses for Dark Nights. Naturally, the ADK shop thrives on creating personal experiences for attraction guests. Adding ‘fun fright’ to the creative process takes things to another level for their team. For over 45 years, Adirondack Studios have provided creative solutions for designers, artists, producers, and owners across the entire themed entertainment market. With a culture rooted in theatrical production, Adirondack Studios is a collaborative partner that focuses on story and guest experience by examining thoughtful design solutions, innovative methods and materials, and out-of-the-box thinking across the breadth of the project cycle.
  • Illuminated Integration: Illuminated Integration partnered with Hersheypark to design and integrate entertainment technology systems that communicate four thoughtful, intricate, and thrilling stories.  Illuminated’s creative team strives to design immersive visuals and soundscapes that transport each guest to a darker side of Hersheypark.  Illuminated Integration comprises talented designers, systems integrators, and installation technicians who leverage the latest lighting, video, audio, and rigging technology to create attractions and entertainment venues that exceed expectations.  From concept, design and feasibility, installation and integration, and through training and support, Illuminated works with clients to dream, design, and realize technology projects.
  • Zeitgeist Design & Production: The Haunted Coal Mine, Creature Chaos, and Twisted Darkness houses as part of Dark Nights were conceived and designed in partnership with Los Angeles-based experience design studio Zeitgeist Design & Production. Led by location-based entertainment industry veterans Ryan Harmon and Joe Lanzisero, the creative team tapped into its nearly four decades of theme park and attraction experience to develop three immersive and story-rich houses inspired by local legends. The Zeitgeist team is primarily comprised of former senior-level Disney Imagineers with over 35-years experience who create UX-IRL - User eXperiences In Real Life for theme parks, attractions, brands, museums, retail centers, and more around the world.
  • EPIC Entertainment Group: EPIC Entertainment Group will leverage its decade of renowned haunt expertise to deliver an immersive, chilling haunted house experience, The Descent, and a captivating scare zone, Midway of Misery, located in the darkest corner of the park. As a Production Design Partner, EPIC Entertainment Group is consulting in design, production, costume, make-up, and talent. As an Operating partner, Epic will serve as boots on the ground in Production Stage Management, Technical Direction and Show Operations Management.
  • TAA Group: TAA Group is a family of entertainment professionals, creatives, designers, engineers and craftsmen that are all driven by one common motivation: to create magical worlds that have never been seen before! TAA is bringing their global talents together with Hersheypark to bring the Midway of Misery to life with four larger-than-life and hauntingly detailed set pieces that will transform the Midway into a thrilling adventure. 
  • Brainstorm Design Group: For over a quarter century Brainstorm Design Group has been an industry leader in creating branding, promotional campaigns & imagery for hundreds of the most successful entertainment venues, haunted attractions and Halloween/Horror related businesses in the world. Brainstorm is honored to work alongside the team at Hersheypark to create unique logo designs and imagery for Dark Nights.

Dark Nights Overview

During Dark Nights, once-familiar spaces mutate into chilling explorations of the unknown with four spine-tingling haunted houses, including:

  • Haunted Coal Mine - For too long, unsettling cries of miners lost in these coal shafts have tormented the living. Take a daring trek through the abandoned mine, which suddenly becomes an explosive encounter.
  • The Descent - Who prowls the dark underground tunnels beneath Hersheypark? Follow her into the depths of decay where the only way out is down…
  • Creature Chaos - Join Professor Darkstone as he pits you against Pennsylvania’s most fearful and deadly creatures. Don’t worry, they’re in their cages…for now.
  • Twisted Darkness - Dare to have your tarot read by our twisted fortune teller and be forced into a never-ending carnival of nightmares. Was it real or was it all in your mind?

Also part of Dark Nights, midways transform from enchanting to unnerving with three Scare Zones, eerie to intense, that are the perfect prelude to the four haunted houses. The Scare Zones include:

  • Darkstone’s Hollow - Wander among Professor Darkstone’s showmen boasting his array of mythical creatures. Beyond the mesmerizing imagery, there’s more to the show than meets the eye.
  • Valley of Fear - Don’t find yourself alone in the murky mists along Spring Creek. The dreadful beings are watching and waiting deep within the shadows, and they know exactly when to strike.
  • Midway of Misery - Flames burst into the skies as guests are summoned through a sinister gateway into the darkest corner of Hersheypark…where no one can find you.

Guests must purchase a separate Dark Nights add-on ticket to experience unlimited access to all of the four haunted houses as many times as they dare during a single visit. Scare Zones are included with a general admission ticket to Hersheypark Halloween. 

Hersheypark Halloween

With more dates than ever, families can enjoy thrills on 50 rides and attractions (weather permitting), lights-out coaster rides, Treatville trick-or-treat trail, Character Glow Dance Parties and the original Creatures Of The Night flashlight tour at ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park. 

A general admission ticket to Hersheypark Halloween is required for entry throughout the fall season. Dark Nights haunted houses access is not included with a general Hersheypark admission ticket and must be purchased separately or as part of a bundle. Guests can get to the fear faster with the Dark Nights Fast Track program, available to ensure unlimited access to the four new haunted houses on the visit date.

For more information on Hersheypark Halloween, visit www.Hersheypark.com/explore-the-park/halloween.php

Ticket and Bundle Information 

Tickets are on sale now for Hersheypark Halloween and Dark Nights add-ons, with Ultimate Fear bundles for anytime visits, options specifically available for Fridays and Sundays and an all-season option for Season Pass Holders. 

A general admission ticket to Hersheypark Halloween is required for entry throughout the fall season. Dark Nights haunted houses access is not included with a general Hersheypark admission ticket and must be purchased separately or as part of a bundle. Guests can get to the fear faster with Dark Nights Fast Track program, available to ensure unlimited access to the four new haunted houses on the date of visit.