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Your Packing List for a Sweet Day at Hersheypark

Top 5 Essentials to Bring to the Amusement Park

There are many things to look forward to when planning a day with family and friends at Hersheypark, but packing usually isn’t one of them. And, with three Parks in one - Hersheypark amusement park, The Boardwalk at Hersheypark waterpark and ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park - the packing list just got a whole lot longer. So, let us help you!

Check out this list of the top five things you should bring for a day of triple the fun in The Sweetest Place On Earth.

1. Small bag or backpack

With all the walking and riding you will do, you may want to consider carrying a small bag or backpack to hold your phone, keys, wallet, etc. You can find complimentary lockers at Skyrush, sooperdooperLooper and Reese’s Cupfusion to store all personal belongings while you wait and ride. There are also lockers for rent at several locations in The Boardwalk at Hersheypark for $15 and $20 depending on the size.

2. Comfortable walking shoes

Hersheypark requires all guests to wear some sort of footwear at all times during their visit to the Park. We suggest choosing a pair of sneakers or sandals with arch support and cushioning to ensure your feet remain comfortable and can keep you moving from ride to ride all day long!

3. Layers of clothing

The weather in Pennsylvania can be a bit unpredictable. As such, we recommend dressing in layers, so you are prepared for a sudden change in temperature, especially at night. Consider packing a sweatshirt or jacket for those cooler summer nights. You might also consider bringing a poncho in case of a passing summer storm. Remember, Hersheypark is open rain or shine - and there is still a lot to do when the weather is gloomy!

4. Water park attire

Did you know that The Boardwalk at Hersheypark, an 11-acre water park with one million gallons of water and 16 water attractions, is included with admission to Hersheypark from Memorial Day through Labor Day? 

If you plan to splash around in the more than one million gallons of water, make sure to pack a bathing suit and towel. Please note that revealing bathing suits; shorts with rivets, snaps, zippers, and metal ornamentation; cutoffs; and jeans are not permitted. More information on proper attire can be found here. Changing areas are available, so you can change clothes during your visit. There are also dryers available if you are in a rush to hop on a coaster after you are done.

5. Sunscreen

Last but certainly not least on the packing list is sunscreen. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends everyone spending time in the sun to apply a sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection (protects against UVA and UVB rays), SPF 30 or higher and water resistance.

If you happen to forget something, don’t sweat it. Hersheypark carries many supplies that you may need for your sweet visit in our retail stores.